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Data backup and exchange

Data Synchronization

By clicking the sync symbol on top of the History menu the Workout and Body Measure data can be synced over all your mobile phones. The data is stored in the hidden Google Drive app folder. As large amounts of data might be transferred during the synchronization, it is highly recommended to do the synchronizations while your phone is connected to a WiFi. It might need some time until the data is available to all your other phones.

Please keep in mind that Google Drive has a limited the access rate. If it is exceeded wait a while before you start the next sync. As the data is stored in the hidden Google Drive app directory it cannot be viewed or used otherwise.

If you want to transfer your Workouts and Body Measure data from an old phone to a new one first press sync on the old. When the sync finished successfully start the sync on the new phone after a while.

Data synchronization is not a backup or archiving. If data are set to "Deleted" on one phone they will also be deleted on all other phones after a synchronization.

File Export

Sportractive offers the option of data backup or data exchange via GPX import and Export of workouts. And CSV import and export for body measurements. With GPX export, the data is stored on the SD card in the folder sportractive/gpxexport. The CSV export stores the data in the folder Sportractive/rawdata. When you uninstall Sportractive, all data will be deleted except the exported data on the SD card.

Smashrun.com Upload

All "running" workouts recorded with Sportractive version 2.3.5 or higher can be uploaded to smashrun.com via the workout editor. Smashrun is an analytical platform for runners. It helps uncover interesting correlations between training habits and performance over time and it's super easy to use.