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Data backup and exchange

Data Backup, Restore and Migration

"Backup" and "Restore" functions can be accessed from the "History" view menu options (three dots icon on the top right).

Selecting "Backup" creates a backup file named "backup_[Date].sbz" in internal storage under /Sportractive/backup. This backup file can be transferred to a PC or other device by USB cable, bluetooth or wifi etc. The backup file stores workouts, body measurements, trainings and badges.

Selecting "Restore" displays a file selection dialog. Selecting a "backup_[Date].sbz" file will restore workouts, body measurements, trainings and badges as at the date of the file. Existing data will not be deleted. Existing data that is more recent than the date of the backup file will not be changed.

It is recommended that you backup data regularly and save a copy of the files on your PC or other device.

Due to an Android issue, backup files on some devices may only be seen after the device is restarted.

Note: Google has discontinued the "Google Drive for Apps" service. As a result, the "Data Synchronization" feature from Sportractive 3 can no longer be offered.

Data Export/Import

Sportractive can backup or exchange workout data via GPX import and export. CSV import and export is available for body measurements. With GPX export, the data is stored in a folder named Sportractive/gpxexport. CSV export stores the data in a folder named Sportractive/rawdata. If you uninstall Sportractive, all data will be deleted except the exported data in the Sportractive folder. With GPX data import there are two additional filters in the Sportractive settings. The speed filter and the elevation filter are both used to smooth import values. Experiment with the filter strength values to meet your GPX file needs.

Smashrun.com Upload

All "running" workouts recorded with Sportractive version 2.3.5 or higher can be uploaded to smashrun.com via the workout editor. Smashrun is an analytical platform for runners. It helps uncover interesting correlations between training habits and performance over time and it's super easy to use.