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GPS is a generic Android service on your phone and independent from Sportractive. To ensure that Sportractive is provided with precise GPS information you should check these settings:

  1. The phone must be (re)configured to allow the GPS to run even when the display is off. See Sportractive Help: Chapter 1 "Energy Management (Important Settings)" or https://dontkillmyapp.com/ THIS SETTING IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  2. In Android settings select "Location". Here the switch has to be "On" and the Mode must be set to "High accuracy".
  3. Ensure you have an active Internet connection. The Android GPS is an assisted GPS (see Wikipedia Assisted GPS) that needs to load additional internet data for accurate positioning. Without an Internet connection the Android GPS will not work reliably.
  4. Trees and big buildings can seriously affect the accuracy of your GPS.
  5. Note: Google Maps can work with just WiFi and 3G/cellphone positioning so finding your location in Google Maps does not mean your GPS is working properly.

If you find your Android phone is still not providing GPS positions for Sportractive after checking all the above, please check out the following:

  1. First, the phone should be restarted. Then look for a position with a view to the sky where the phone is connected to the Internet. Best via WiFi (for example on the balcony). Then start Sportractive.
  2. Touch any one of the three numeric fields in workout mode: this opens a full selection of options. Select "Satellites". The display now shows the number of GPS satellites which are visible to and being used by your phone. These values are provided by the Android system and they are independent from Sportractive. The value of "Satellites Used" must be greater than four. In practice, values greater than six are common.
  3. Even if the number of "Satellites Used" is greater than four, the accuracy may not be good enough for Sportractive to use the position.
  4. Sportractive filters out GPS satellite signals with low accuracy. This filter can be disabled in the settings for test purposes. For normal operation, however, the filter should be activated again.

If you still find that Sportractive is unable to record your activity then you might wish to experiment with another GPS tracking app operating in parallel to see whether it picks up a good GPS signal. By comparing Sportractive and the other tracking app you can check whether the problem lies with Sportractive or with your Android phone simply not being able to find sufficient GPS signals.

GPS Reset

If the GPS is inaccurate despite correctly configured energy management (see separate chapter in the Sportractive Help), the installation of this app is recommended: Google Play Store: GPS Test App

For a GPS reset, click the 3 dots in the top right. Then AGPS → Clear and Update. This process must be carried out outdoors. At the same time, there must be a good internet connection. The GPS test app then shows how many satellites are used for positioning.

GPS Filter (Sportractive 3)

Weak filter
All positions provided by the GPS with an accuracy better than 80 m are taken over. This setting should only be used for test purposes.

Medium filter (recommended)
All positions provided by the GPS with an accuracy better than 80 m are taken over. In addition, a "smoothing" of the positions takes place. This is the recommended setting.

Strong filter
All positions provided by the GPS with an accuracy better than 80 m are taken over and there is a "smoothing" of the positions. Positions that could be wrong due to certain situations are discarded. This setting achieves the best recording quality. But it takes longer to find the first GPS position.