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Premium Features (Sportractive 4.1.2 and up)

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Training plans (Sportractive 4.2 and up)

Explore our training plans and train for your goal. The plans include individual interval training sessions and training days can be adapted to your personal schedule. During training you will receive notifications via display, voice output, vibration or beeps. You can select the type of notification you receive in settings. Reminders ensure that you do not miss any training.


Automatic Pause

Automatic pause is available for some sports. Recording will pause automatically at very low speed or standstill and will resume with motion. This feature means that time spent on incidental interruptions such as stopping at a red light or to tie laces is excluded from the calculation of workout statistics.

For running sports, automatic pause detection is based on the GPS signal in combination with the device’s motion sensor. This means that pauses can be detected quickly so long as you do not trigger the motion sensor e.g. by running on the spot. For other sports, such as cycling, pause detection is based on the GPS signal only. Therefore pause detection takes a bit longer.

The speed and reliability of pause detection is highly dependent on the device hardware and GPS reception conditions.

Automatic pause is switched on in the Sportractive settings. If automatic pause is supported for the selected sport, an outline pause symbol inside a circular arrow will appear in the workout screen status line. When recording is started, the pause symbol changes to solid.

If it is switched on, automatic pause detection is activated a few seconds after recording has started. Automatic pause is overridden if recording is paused manually. It is deactivated as soon as the stop and pause buttons are unlocked via the purple lock button. Automatic pause is reactivated when the resume button is pressed to end a manual pause or when you start a new workout.

automatic pause active Automatic Pause activated.
automatic pause on Automatic Pause is supported for the selected sport. Detection becomes active a few seconds after the Start button is pressed or countdown has finished.
automatic pause temporarily deactivated Automatic Pause temporarily deactivated. Manual control is activated.
automatic pause disabled Automatic Pause disabled.

Sports with automatic pause based on GPS and motion sensing: Running, Skating, Nordic Walking, Hiking, Orienteering, Walking

Sports with automatic pause based on GPS only: Cycling, Road Bike, Mountain Biking, Cross-country skiing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Horse Riding, Motoring, Motorbiking, E-Biking, Scooter

Sports without automatic pause: Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, Golfing, Swimming, Other, Crosstrainer, Indoor Cycling, Treadmill, Standup Paddleboarding

Due to the inaccuracy of GPS technology, an apparent movement can be detected even at a standstill. It is therefore recommended that you use manual pause for longer breaks.

Equipment Tracker

This feature allows you to record details of equipment, such as running shoes, that you use in your workouts. Distance covered, duration and other parameters can be evaluated. In addition, a distance can be defined for each equipment item at which a notification is shown. For example, it is usually recommended that you change shoes after 500 km. Equipment Tracker makes that easy.

Display always on

If this feature is activated, the display stays on as long as you remain in the workout screen and the app is recording. The function may be overridden e.g. by pressing the power button. The function is active when the light icon is visible in the status line of the workout screen.

NOTE: Battery drain increases significantly when the display is on.

display always on active "Display always on" is active as long as this symbol is visible.
display always on enabled “Display always on“ enabled
display always on disabled “Display always on“ disabled

TCX bulk import (from version 4.2.11)

A bulk import of workouts is possible through multiple selection of TCX files.

Data Sync (from version 4.4.3)

This feature automatically stores Sportractive data encrypted on your personal hidden Google Drive for Apps and syncs it with your other devices. The data remains on Google Drive even when Sportractive is uninstalled or after the subscription is terminated.

Dark theme (from version 4.4.3)