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Important instructions

The Sportractive App is intended to support you during your exercise and sporting activities. You should observe the following important requirements before and while using the app:

  1. Before using the Sportractive App, you should consult a doctor to confirm that you are medically fit to undertake the activities that you plan to monitor with the Sportractive App . This health check should be repeated at regular intervals. Do not use the Sportractive App if you are unwell.
  2. Test the Sportractive App thoroughly to confirm that it meets your requirements before you start using it productively.
  3. The Sportractive App uses Google Maps to display the workout route. This consumes mobile data. You should ensure that your mobile plan includes an adequate data allowance.
  4. To guard against data loss, backup the data on your device at regular intervals.
  5. Due to technical limitations of mobile phones Sportractive cannot guarantee that the results recorded by the app will be completely accurate. You should regularly monitor the results recorded by the Sportractive App for accuracy e.g. by comparing the results with measurements obtained by other means. If the results are consistently inaccurate please contact Sportractive. If you are not satisfied with the accuracy of results you may also choose to stop using the app. You will find explanations for some measurements in the Sportractive App Help.

Terms of Use

Sportractive grants the user the right to use the Sportractive App to record exercise and sporting activities and body measurement data. This right can be revoked by Sportractive at any time without prior notice. Sportractive reserves the right to change the scope of, or terminate, the app and related services at any time without prior notice or justification.