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Android 8 & 9

  1. Huawei Settings → Battery:

    a) Power saving mode (must be off)
    b) Ultra power saving mode (must be off)

    Huawei Picture
  2. Huawei Settings → Battery → Launch → Sportractive:

    a) Auto-launch (must be on)
    b) Secondary launch (must be on)
    c) Run in background (must be on)

    Huawei Picture

Android 7

  1. Huawei Settings → Battery:

    a) Ultra (must be off)
    b) Low resolution power saving (must be off)

    Huawei picture
  2. Huawei Settings → Battery → Close apps on screen lock:

    Sportractive (must be off)

    Huawei picture
  3. Huawei Settings → Battery → Gear top right → Settings:

    a) Power-intensive prompt (must be off)
    b) Close excessively power-intensive apps (must be off)
    c) Ultra Power Saving (must be off)

    Huawei picture
  4. Huawei Settings → Apps → Sportractive → Battery:

    Close after screen locked (must be off)

    Huawei picture

Android 5 & 6

  1. Huawei Settings → Power saving → Power plan: please set the power plan to "Normal" (not "Ultra" or "Intelligent").
  2. Huawei Settings → Protected Apps:
    Huawei settings

For Huawei devices running Android 6 there is an additional "Ignore battery optimizations" setting that needs to be changed. Select Sportractive and allow to ignore battery optimizations.