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List of incompatible phones

In English only. The list is updated regularly. We can't influence the manufacturers and we can't answer requests concerning this list.

Manufacturer Device Comment
Huawei All phones with Android 9 With the latest Android 9 updated Huawei decided to terminate GPS based apps like Sportractive after display off, despite excluding them from battery management (especially the P20 series) . As we can't influence that please ask Huawei to change their battery management strategy! See also here.
Meizu M6, M6 Note, Pro 7, Pro 7 Plus Meizu Energy Manager terminates GPS based apps after a while.
OnePlus One, 2, 3, 5 Verified bug by OnePlus. Unsolved
Xiaomi several Xiaomi Battery Manager too complicated to adjust (despite detailed Sportractive help for Xiaomi). Please ask Xiaomi to change their battery management strategy! See also here.
Motorola Moto G (4) Play, Moto G (6) plus Android GPS does not work reliable.
Samsung Galaxy A5(2017) Sporadic GPS problems (massive position shifts and failures)
Nokia several Nokia Power Manager (Android 8.1 only) terminates Sportractive after 30 min because it is not whitlisted by Nokia. No problem with Android 8.0 and Android 9.0 Please ask Nokia to change their power management strategy or whitlist Sportractive!
Others Not enought resources eg RAM, low CPU power, missing sensors.