Note: This is the privacy policy for the website. The privacy policy for the Sportractive app can be found in the Sportractive help (click here).

Privacy policy for the website

Are you interested in what happens to your data? Excellent! Privacy is also important to us. On this page we explain what personal data we collect and process on our website and why.

For our website we use proven technologies with low exposure to attack. We do not use social plugins, cookies, or Google Analytics. You can use our website without having to provide any personal data.


Privacy is about protecting your fundamental rights. As the owner of this website (Imprint) we are responsible for that. As a small organisation we are not required to appoint a data protection officer, but we do obtain advice from a data protection professional.

The affected person is you, the user of the website. Personal data is information that relates to you as an individual. Processing this data means any handling such as collection, processing, use and deletion.


Our web server is operated by a specialized company and logs the following data for each call:

The data we collect helps us to operate and optimize the website. We do not use it to draw conclusions about you. We note that, in some circumstances, we may be required by law to provide the information we collect to authorities. Logs older than seven days will be anonymized. The anonymized data is statistically evaluated and not deleted.

Your rights

We must not collect personal data from you without your knowledge. The above describes the information that we collect. We do not collect any other information when you visit the website.

You have the right to ask us what we know about you and what we do with your data.

You also have the right to require us to correct or delete your personal data, or restrict its processing and movement (such as export of your personal data). However, you should note that the only personal data we collect is your IP addresses. We have no way of associating that address with you as an individual.

If you have an issue with our data protection practices please contact us in the first instance by Email. If you are dissatisfied with our response you can submit a complaint to the BayLDA which is the relevant authority:

If you have any questions please contact us: Email!