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Sportractive supports all Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) heart rate chest straps and the PolarWear ® & Bluetooth 2.0 heart rate chest strap. Wristband sensors, watches and Ant+ sensors are not supported. At least Android 4.3 and above is needed to use BTLE sensors.

In order to use a BTLE sensor, this must not be connected via the Android settings but directly in the Sportractive settings. In the Sportractive settings, select the "Bluetooth Sensor" menu item. When the search is completed in the displayed dialogue, the sensor should appear in the list. Clicking on it will change the colour to orange. The sensor is accepted by pressing OK. Now the check box has to be set with "Activate Sensor Support". After a short time the message "Sensor connected" is shown. In the workout menu, one of the display fields "Heart Rate" can be selected.

When the PolarWear ® Bluetooth 2.0 Sensor is to be used, it must first be connected in the Android settings. The procedure is as described in the previous section. After completion of the search, however, the Bluetooth 2.0 check box must be set to show the PolarWear ® Sensor.

If a sensor is not found in the search, please check if the sensor can be found with another app. If this is not the case try changing the battery in the sensor and restart the phone.

Sportractive does not guarantee the functionality of any Bluetooth sensor.